Friday, July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony: A Modern American Product

With so much going on around this trail, I had to offer my 2 cents on the whole thing
The idea that a mother would kill her child is unimaginable. Whether Casey Anthony did it still doesn't take away from the fact that not matter what, the death of her child is a product of neglect. Also, the pictures taken while her daughter was missing/dead which portray a glamourous nightlife shows clearly that Casey Anthony had little concern for her child. In fact, it wouldn't be difficult to say she has little concern for anyone outside of herself. If you ask me, that's a bona-fide 21st century American product.

I'm not saying that 98% of young Americans would kill their children or have a child die due to neglect and go out and party that night. I'm also not blaming Mortal Kombat (for once) for corrupting society. What I will say is look at the majority of the ideologies our culture absorbs from music, TV, magazines, etc. It's no secret that the most recent American ambiance is one of total egotism, which typically brings about the decay of responsibility,  accountability, and conviction.

I'm not telling you anything you don't know. Everyone will admit that Paris Hilton & Co. are absolutely ridiculous. It's no secret hip-hop, rock, Big & Rich, and most music portrays themes are considered to negatively influence listeners. We all know it, but we still buy it.

Casey Anthony is really no different.

I do believe the majority of Americans have souls and therefore wouldn't be susceptible to murdering a child. I also think that Casey Anthony is an example of an extreme case, and I do think that extreme case is a reflection of our culture in a fundamental way: we're purging ourselves of accountability.

Education slowly declines because no one does their school work, and when that happens parents aren't responsible because their children have a medical disability.

The economy isn't exempt from this discussion either. No one wants to work manufacturing, construction, or other jobs that might below them. There are social government-run programs for that. Not to mention us college grads; we went to school so we should have our dreams jobs. Right?

Come to think of it, I guess Casey Anthony just had an abortion during her 30th trimester (I'm not laughing at that joke either).

I know it's not fair to say who or what is responsible for Casey Anthony's actions other than Casey Anthony. I do think that our culture can learn a lot about itself by observing her behavior. The pictures from the "hot body" contest while her child was missing/dead speaks volumes if you ask me.

Yeah, this is what you do when after finding out your kid is missing/dead...or on any given weekend?
 We may not stoop to commit such despicable acts, but we do bath in the same soup that molded Casey Anthony. Extreme case aside, it's hard not to see that Casey Anthony's shunning of accountability and responsibility is truly a modern American product