Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ferguson Update: an unforeseen event may unfold shortly

Not too long ago I thought the fate of Ferguson's Cup would be wrapped up with West Virginia's victory in the elite 8. It turns out I was wrong. Here are the standings for Ferguson's First Hair Cut going into the championship game:

1) Me (FO SHO!)
2) The Warblogler (snuck up from the sub top 3)
3) Stephen Kolander

Here's the deal. There are two challengers that chose Duke as the national champion: The Warblogler and Matt Ewasko. If Duke takes down Butler then the rankings will look like this:

1) The Warblogler
2) Matt Ewasko
3) Me (it's cold and lonely down here)

COME ON BUTLER! If Butler wins then the top 3 will reflect the first set of rankings I showed you, but if not then I end up carting home the bronze. It's not over yet. Now more than ever, I have a real legit reason to pull for the underdog. 

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