Thursday, June 10, 2010

things are about to get interesting in the world of college football

This is what I assume will happen to the Big XII if Nebraska leaves

Many ramblings have been going on about conference realignment for a while now.  So and so wants to leave this conference for that conference and so on and so forth.  Well it's happening now and in unexpected ways. I always assumed the Big 10 would somehow talk ND into joining and that would be the end of it, but as of recently there has been a huge bombshell dropped on the college football world.  As of today, Colorado announced that they're leaving the Big XII to head to the PAC-10.  Rumors have been flying around that we'll know about whether or not Nebraska decides to leave for the Big 10 as soon as tomorrow. The Big XII is not only shaky but sinking.  The PAC-10 has officially sent out invites to most of the remaining Big XII schools and most experts expect other schools to follow Colorado. 

What does this mean for the SEC? Well I don't know. I've seen reports saying that Texas A&M and OU have expressed interest in joining, but nothing has really seemed like there's any indication it would actually happen. Regardless, one this is for sure: college football is about to endure a massive reformation.