Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Want to Go Down the Chattahoochee

If you know me then the plans I'm about to discuss will not surprise you one bit. I've been dying to take a boat from Columbus, Ga down to Apalachicola Bay. I've planned the trip several times, but every time I get something in the works the whole thing falls apart. It typically has something to do with the boat that we plan on taking not working, someone backs out, or both. It's going to happen one day. I'm still brainstorming with some friends right now to do my best to get something to work out. However, we're running into the same old familiar problem. What boat are we going to take? Besides a small jon boat with a 7hp motor on the back, we have no other options as of right now. If you would like to donate a vessel to this cause then please let me know.