Saturday, February 6, 2010

This is awesome

UPDATE: Click on this link to watch the video of Region's commitment. Notice the limited number of applause. God bless that poor kid. You can tell how hard that was for him to do by watching the video.

According to Doug Segrest, offensive lineman Spencer Region (Cullman High), who was thought to be a Bama lock, changed his mind at the last minute and decided to commit to Auburn for the 2011 recruiting class.  Region was set to announce his intentions at a sporting goods store in Cullman. The store was full of Alabama beat writers and fans all dressed up for the occasion. However, they were all very disappointed. According to Phillip Marshall at Auburn Undercover, there were no AU beat writers or anything there. They're all playing catch up because no one expected this. Here's an awesome excerpt from Mr. Segrest's article:

"Due to changes, I am decommitting from Alabama and I am committing to Auburn," Region said. "I will be an Auburn Tiger, where I feel they really care about me."

Is it me, or does it seem like Chizik is starring down the Saban machine and holding his own. Everyone said that Auburn would never be able to out-recruit Saban as long as he was at Alabama. That might be wrong depending on who you talk to, but you can't deny that Chizik is fighting as hard as he can and winning a few battles. Of course, this all means nothing until Auburn actually beats Saban on the field, but you still have to be very impressed with what Chizik has done so far.

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