Thursday, March 25, 2010

I haven't blogged in a while

Since I've left everyone high and dry recently, I figured I would leave you guys with some links that have peaked my interests over the past few days

Auburn's new QB went to his first practice as a Tiger on Wednesday. This video appears courtesy of me taking it from the HABOTN. It's one of my favorite AU blogs (except for Warblogle).

Auburn hired a new head basketball coach. He's gonna make a lot of money, and won't need to buy any new colored neck ties.

For everyone who jumped carriers to get an iphone, it looks like you're going to have to do it again. The new 4G iphone is coming out soon and it doesn't look like it'll be available for AT&T.

Oh yeah, and this country is screwed.

Hope you guys enjoy. Leave comments and I might feel more dedicated to blogging.


  1. So does that mean my current iphone will no longer work if Apple switches from AT&T???

  2. The current iphone will still be available on AT&T. However, AT&T subscribers won't be able to get the new iphone unless they switch carriers. Either way, this hasn't been set in stone so it could change, but with everything I've seen out there, AT&T won't be 4G capable for a while, so this is why they're forced to move carriers. The most likely candidates are Verizon and Sprint, since both will be 4G capable within the coming months.

  3. I hope I hope I hope I hope I HOPE the new iPhone goes to Verizon. I hope.

    There are not enough words to accurately describe how bad AT&T's service is (and how desperately I am addicted to my iPhone).