Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking For a New Phone

There has been much speculation about two new handsets coming to Verizon, both of which already exist on other carriers. I won't lie. I'm pretty excited that Verizon is about to get both the Google Nexus One and the Apple iphone. 

So you might ask, "why not go to AT&T and get either one?" Good question. Verizon is the most reliable network where I live, hands down. There's no way I'm gonna be another tool carrying an iphone that doesn't work. It's like buying a sports car with four donut tires on it that can't go over 55 mph. It doesn't make sense. Now if I moved to a big city where service was a bit more reliable then we'll talk, but until then I'm not going to carry a phone just because it has a piece of fruit on the back of it. Get off my back.

The big question you have to ask yourself when deciding what to do is, "what will the new iphone look like?" Speculation is rampant. Apparently the one thing we can count on is the unveiling around late June.  There's one speculation that can be put to rest. 4G won't be available anywhere around here until 2011. But you might be asking, "what about the iphone 4G? why would apple potentially come out with the iphone 4G this summer if the networks can't support it?" Simple. The 4G iphone coming out will only be the 4th generation iphone, not the 4G capable iphone like many think. But let's not talk about what's not coming out. 

No one really knows what will come out on the new iphone, but I think it's safe to say that whatever does come out needs to be a major step up from the iphone 3GS. I hate to inform everyone that has one, but when google started rolling out the new android phones they delivered a swift kick to nuts to the iphone, especially with Google's Nexus One. The specs for the Nexus One absolutely blow the iphone out of the water (1GHz snapdragon processor, AMOLED screen, browser supports flash, google voice, 5 megapixel camera, noise canceling mic, customization options galore). Once you peek under the hood the Nexus One makes the iphone look pretty outdated.  

In order to keep up, Apple is going to need to make the new iphone just as fast and good looking as Google's handset, and everyone knows Apple is the king of aesthetics. I believe that apple can match and exceed what the Nexus One has done. However, not everyone is sure that they will. Some reports are saying that the newest iphone (iphone 4G) will only come out for AT&T and that Verizon will end up with a comparable 3GS handset. There's also speculation that the newest iphone will sport a front facing camera, which means video calling. 

For me, the only two things that would make the iphone worth taking over Google's Nexus One is a front facing video camera and a faster processor. However, there's no way I would jump carriers to get one (see paragraph two about a sports car with 4 donut spare tires). Tell me that AT&T could support video calling and I'll laugh at you. Unless an iphone with a front facing camera and faster processor comes to Verizon then I don't see how you could go iphone over Nexus One (unless you just have to have an iphone because it's an iphone and you don't feel pretty without one). 


  1. I want an iPhone because it's an iPhone and I don't feel pretty without one.

  2. At least you're willing to admit it.