Monday, October 10, 2011

GOP Fantasy League

Watching the GOP debates? Want to become more involved? Join/create a GOP Fantasy League!

We will be participating online via Twitter using the hashtag #GOPFL

Here are the rules:

- 5 *teams make up 1 league

- Each player will "start" one candidate for the night's debate

- No two players can "start"/"play" the same candidate at the same time

- At any time during the debate a player can "bench" a candidate for any available candidate (one that isn't in use by another player), but can only do so once per debate

- Results will be based on various polls the next day following the debate (check back on this blog where results will be announced)

Order in which players select candidates:

- The order in which players will choose candidates will be based on the results from the previous debate in which the player that finishes last chooses first, 4th place chooses 2nd, etc.

- If all participants are new then order will be chosen at random (flip a coin, rock paper scissors, or something else like that).

- If a player is new to an already existing league then that player chooses last.

- If more than one player is new to an already existing league then the newly inducted players will choose their order at random.

*Teams may constitute 1 individual or up to 3 individuals
**Check back later for GOP Fantasy Primary Election League Rules!

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