Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oct 11th GOP Debate Starting Lineup

The first league has formed and here's the starting lineup:

  1. Steven - starting Herman Cain (takes the Over for # of Q's Newt refuses to answer) 
  2. Peggy - starting Ron Paul (takes the Over for Romney mentioning the words "private sector")
  3. Drew - starting Rick Perry (takes the Under for # of Q's Newt refuses to answer)
  4. Me - starting Newt Gingrich (takes the Under for # of Q's Santorum gets asked)
  5. Kevin - starting Mitt Romney
*On the bench: Bachmann, Huntsman, and Santorum

Over/Under for each candidate:

Bachmann# of historical reference errors (5) 
                      Height of hair-do in inches (8")
                      # of times Obama is referred to as a "one-term" president (4)

Cain# of times says "economy is on life support"  (3)
          # of times 9-9-9 plan is mentioned (5)

Gingrich# of questions refused to answer (3) 
                 # times he chokes the moderator (2)

Romneymentions the words "private sector" (10)

Santorum - # of questions he gets asked (3)

*Teams can bench their starter for any of these remaining candidates, but can only do so once per debate. 
**Trades can also be made between two teams, but can also only happen once per debate.

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