Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry

(This one's for all the marbles)

UPDATE: damn

This is my preview for the Auburn-Georgia game. I'm not going to talk as much about the game as I am what I think about watching and experiencing the deep south's oldest rivalry.

Auburn-Georgia has hosted some classics. There's Tuberville's first game in 1999, where Auburn (a huge underdog) came out and upset the dogs. There's the 2004 beat down from the undefeated Auburn squad. There's the last second John Vaughn field goal win from 2005. I'm sure there are plenty other classics from my lifetime, but those are the ones that I remember.

There's really nothing riding on this game. Georgia is trying to become bowl-eligible and keep their season (along with Mark Richt's job) from going in the toilet, while Auburn is trying to gain momentum going into the Iron Bowl. Besides wanting to break a 3-game losing streak to the bulldogs, I really don't care that much about this game. If you want to know my thoughts on whether or not it'll happen, then check out my game preview at warblogle.

This year the matchup is in Athens, Ga. It's one of the nicest venues in the SEC, but arguably one of my two least favorite places to see a football (Florida takes #1). The fans are obnoxious. Anywhere you go, be prepared to walk uphill. And honestly, I just don't think Georgia has any really cool game-day traditions. We have Tiger-Walk and the Eagle fly. Their band plays "Glory, Glory" and "Leroy Brown" about 600,000,000 times. There's just nothing terribly unique about a Georgia game-day experience. However, downtown does offer some great options as far as food and nightlife is concerned.

I'm doing my best to find tickets as of right now. They're all pretty expensive, and honestly, if I can't find one for $40 or less then I'm not going. The hassle of getting barked at, and trying to get around that place on game-day just isn't worth more than $40 to me (honestly it's not really worth that). If you guys are lucky you might get a blog update from Athens, and if you're even luckier, I might just do a live video blog from Tiger-Walk!

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