Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ida...done it better

This might sound dumb, but I kind of get excited when a big storm is coming. I'm not excited about the possibility that my house on wheels could get blown away, or the fact that I know my mother is going to call every 2 minutes telling me to get back to their house and crawl into their weather bunker. I get excited somewhat because something that doesn't typically happen is supposedly about to happen. I do get kind of bummed out though when it turns out to be somewhat of a disappointment. I know, that's dumb but it's the truth. I think everyone can agree that there's something even a little bit exciting about a storm coming. However, as soon as a tree goes through my house or car, then it's not so much fun anymore.

Having said all of that I must say that Ida has been a disappointment. There wasn't even really a threat of school being cancelled, and everyone knows you measure the level of awesome of a severe weather event by the number of days kids get out of school.

0 Days-it might as well have not even happened
1 Day-Hey, this is kinda cool
2 or more days-I'm going on vacation!!!

From what I've been told, the coast's version of the tale of Hurricane...Tropical Storm...Big Wet Rain Cloud That Won't Go Away Ida could've possibly cancelled school for some. However, we didn't get any of the fun part of the storm. If that's the case then Mobile/Mississippi area got Ida when she was in her crazy/trying-to-find-yourself phase(not really knowing if this chick was ever really exciting to begin with any), and all of us up here in Lee County got Ida after all of the kids have left and gone to college and she's just got nothing else really to offer. Except rain...and lot's of it. Anyway, having said all of that I'm not hoping that a category 4 or 5 monster blows in here anytime soon, or a massive monsoon floods Auburn. Maybe all in all I'm just looking for something a little exciting to go on around here. I mean hey, football season is over in a few weeks and then what will we have to look forward to? Lord know it's never going to snow down here.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about being "secretly excited" about a storm coming (not that I would ever want anything bad to happen)... but I do know what you mean! Glad to see you have started a blog and that I actually kind of inspired you to do it (even though you think I am cheesy and I post way too may pics of my kids :) You'll understand one day. Love you!

  2. Having spent most of my formative summers on the Gulf coast, it's hard for me to take any hurricane smaller than a Cat 3 seriously. Mostly, they're just fun to ride out, so I know what you mean about being excited for storms. And it's extremely disappointing when they don't meet expectations. Maybe the next big storm will have some action.

  3. Hey George, there's a 30% chance of rain on Monday, let's have a bunker party via gmail video chat!