Monday, November 9, 2009

Here We Go

I don't know why I'm doing this. Maybe it's because I have nothing else to do right now, or because I'm avoiding school work. Either way, after seeing my oldest sister constantly update the 345,267,897,354 pictures of her kids and sharing with the world along with everyone she knows, I had two thoughts: 1) this is the cheesiest thing I've ever seen 2) it's kinda cool. If you've followed me on facebook then you know I have plenty to say about plenty of stuff. I guess maybe instead of micro-blogging it wouldn't really hurt to try actual blogging. SOOOO...since its uses seem reasonable, and since unarguably my most favorite person in the world reads these things all the time and whenever she has free time, I figured why not. Expect to hear a lot about college football, and a lot about stupid random things that annoy me. If you aren't fond of someone elses opinion (especially when you disagree) then it's probably best you just go away now. I'm not saying I'm an offensive person, but there's a good chance at some point you won't agree with me. If you can't take any disagreement in stride then think what you want and go away. Having said all of that, I really do want participation. Please, tell me what to write about. If I don't get any participation then chances are good that this blog will be bare. My life really isn't interesting enough to keep this thing updated all of the time. The only thing I really have to offer is thoughts and opinions with, maybe, some occasional updates about my life. So...I guess let's give it a shot.

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