Monday, November 16, 2009

Fried Cinnamon Rolls

Since Auburn lost this weekend my friend Eric and I are continuing a tradition.  I know most people have post-game traditions when they win (so do we), but ever since last season, Eric and I have started an implicit tradition that helps relieve frustration about the previous Saturday's game.  We eat...a lot.  We always choose something extremely unhealthy, and typically something we hope we will never gorge  ourselves with again.

After the Arkansas game it was an entire pig, Kentucky was enough CiCi's pizza to put them out of business, LSU was enough Taco Bell to make someone blackout (which means I spent about $8 of food from the 89¢ menu), and this week it's fried cinnamon rolls.  The way we see it is our health is dependent on our football team.   We never look forward to this tradition, but it does help to somewhat ease the frustration.


(our side items to accompany the cinnamon rolls)

This was a bad idea, but I told you already.  When Auburn loses we make bad food decisions.  If I don't go to class in then morning...then I probably slept in.  But if I don't make it to lunch tomorrow then call the hospital.  The Taco Bell might have killed me.


  1. You should pitch this idea to Bill at Daylight. I'm sure Justin would love making those for you :)

  2. Peggy we already make fried cinnamon rolls.

  3. That's why I stay out front. I don't know how y'all make anything. They're really fried? I thought the cinnamon rolls were at least baked. Sad day.