Monday, November 9, 2009

Ok so I can't start talking about college football without first mentioning the first, the best, and what could potentially be the best Auburn football blog on the internet, No, it's not my sports blog. I've chosen to stay away from specifically sports blogging. It's not my thing...I'm no good at it...get off my freakin back. Go to War Blogle though for any and all of your Auburn update needs. The Blogler even updates tidbits throughout the week so there's no real reason to go searching for all of those ESPN and SI articles about Auburn. They've already been found for you and links are posted at War Blogle. Then, after you've read all of the posts and commented numerous times on the fantastic content on the blogler's site, you can go over to FansPoll and voice who you think is the best team in college football. BUT, for all you Auburn fans, be sure to start off your AU related internet perusing with War Blogle. You'll be glad you did.

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