Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I've been pretty busy the past few days. All of the families we tailgate with decided it would be a great idea to hold thanksgiving lunch on campus since the Iron Bowl was the next day.  The food was great and we had a wonderful time.  CBS actually came by and shot some footage of us before we finished, and we were also honored with this weeks Publix Tailgaters of the game (you may have seen us on the AU HD screen during the game).  

My father and I woke up at 5 a.m. Thursday morning to go down to campus and save our tailgate spot for the Iron Bowl and for thanksgiving lunch.  It was cold...really cold. Uncle Luther met us down there and we unloaded all of our gear (that TV was freakin heavy!).  However, between my father and Uncle Luther you could tell that there was many years of tailgating experience between both of them.  Uncle Luther also fried of some turkeys that were absolutely phenomenal!  Somewhere in my early morning efforts I managed to  hurt my back.  I didn't think I was old enough for that kind of stuff.  Oh well, I guess this old body can't do at 22 what it used to be able to do at 21 1/2.  

That night, and the previous night as well, I was able to hang out with my good friend/cousin Brian.  It was good to see him again (it was also good to see him wearing AU gear the next day too).  Brian, Stephen, and I also made a pretty goofy video.  If you're fortunate I might post it...if there's a high enough demand.  

Sorry, I don't have any pictures from the game.  I was too excited to take pictures.  I think everyone that watched the game will agree that it was a great game.  I'm heartbroken that our guys couldn't pull out the win, but it was a wonderful game.  I was so glad to see our guys play with so much heart.  I know there are no moral victories, but I am extremely proud of our team.  

It has been a great past few days.  There have been a couple of wrinkles here and there, but all in all the Iron Bowl and thanksgiving were a success.  I'm going to take the next few days to recover, and to prepare for the end of the semester.  I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and War Eagle!

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