Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trip to Athens

I guess I wouldn't be a responsible blogger if I didn't at least give everyone a rundown of my trip to Athens, Ga this weekend. I have to be honest. All in all I consider the trip a success. I know we lost, and I was heckled endlessly by UGA fans, but I really did enjoy my trip.

For some reason whenever we lose I always tell myself (and everyone around me) that I hate that place, and that I never want to go back. I'm a liar. I'm just speaking out of frustration. Truth is Athens is a beautiful place. If you've never been then I highly encourage that you visit. The campus and downtown is absolutely beautiful, and I will guarantee that you'll find something worth doing there. The people aren't the friendliest on game-day if you're an opposing fan, but they're not bad at all under any other circumstance.

We got to Athens late on Friday, and I was able to spend some really good time with my cousin (more like best friend) Brian Berger. I can't really tell you how good it was to hang out with him. He's always considerate, and I can't really think of a time when I haven't had fun with him (unless I was trying not's dumb, I know, but sometimes you're just in moods). He knows the place really well so he knows where to go. We hung out downtown, and I know I really did have fun meeting his friends and hanging out with him. Brian is one of those guys that I've known my whole life. He'll always be one of my best friends no matter what, and I realized this weekend how much I miss getting to hang out with him (even though he's an UGA fan now).

Another cool thing about this weekend was that I got to spend some good time with Brian's dad and Uncle Greg and Taylor. Trust me, there's always something interesting to talk to them about, and I really do love catching up with them. I hate that I typically only see them at away games too. We hung out on campus before Tiger-Walk and the game in UGA's really nice Tate Center before the game. We got to talk football, FansPoll, the Iron Bowl, and all other relating topics.

Now on to the bad part...
I was really impressed with how many Auburn fans showed up to this game. I know we travel well, but this time I really didn't expect to see as many as I did. Really, the best part about the game was that I got to sit with my favorite person in the entire world (maybe one day I'll reveal a name as to who this mystery girl is), and I was able to share another Auburn football experience with her. I'm not so sure she felt the same way though. I wasn't exactly the most cordial visiting fan during the 4th quarter and after the game. I was super excited about the game early on though, and felt there was a really good energy from the Auburn faithful. That energy only lasted about one quarter. Three quarters and two scared girls sitting next to me later (sorry y'all), I left Sanford Stadium pissed off and ready to go home.

After being home and reflecting on the trip, I've decided over all it was a good weekend. I got to spend some good time with my best friend who I don't get to see often, and I got to watch an exciting game with my favorite person in the world (I should never take that for granted. She and football are the two things that make me the happiest). So, for the next two years I'll continue to talk about how much I can't stand UGA, and how I'll never go back. But truth be told, I'm already kind of looking forward to my next visit.


  1. Great to hear you had a good time despite the outcome of the game. You touched on somethin real important - when we spend good quality time with the people we love, that time spent together is special and make life enjoyable (even when our favorite teams lose).

  2. I second what TJ and you said. Having someone you love there softens the blow. And even though mine happens to cheer for the team that causes me the most misery, he still manages to make me feel better when Auburn can't quite pull it out. Same with family and close friends. They're good at reminding you that the sun will come up tomorrow and it will still set orange and blue. Glad you feel better about your UGA trip. The people make all the difference!