Saturday, November 14, 2009


Time to get up, and get ready to get Michael Vick on them bulldogs. Too soon? Okay, well it's time to win. Auburn can make a huge statement to themselves and college football by pulling off a win tonight. That statement would be saying, "Were aren't going to be UGA's whipping boy for 4 years straight, and we are definitely on our way back up the ranks in the SEC."

We're all getting ready to head down to campus. It's going to be a long afternoon. Weather is in the low 70s for now, but the forecast says it's going to get down into the mid 40s. Great...I didn't bring a long sleeve shirt. Today is one of those days where if you go ahead and put on a long sleeve shirt, then you're going to burn up all afternoon, but around halfway through the game things are going to be good. If you don't wear long sleeves, you'll be comfortable all afternoon, but by the time the game is over you'll be freezing your butt off. And let's just be honest, no one wants to carry a jacket around all afternoon only to wear it for a few hours.

Anyway, I'm ready for this game. I really like our chances, but if you've been following my blog (or warblogle) then you'd know that. Pictures coming soon.

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