Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Shoe has a Leak

I was walking to class this morning in the rain/mist/whatever that was, and while I was walking I noticed my right foot was getting cold.  Not only was it getting colder, but it was getting wetter.  Just so you know, I decided this morning that I would wear a pair of shoes that I've had since I was sixteen (I'm 22 now if you didn't know that).  They're probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I've had, and for some reason I have a really hard time letting go of things that I like, even if they're old.  I looked on the bottom of them and I definitely saw the cracks and small holes in the sole of my right shoe.  It was sad and extremely irritating.  I think the reason I was most irritated too was because I had on a fresh clean pair of socks, and there's no other way to describe wet socks besides that it sucks to wear them.

     (Lieutenant Dan ICE CREAM!)

I think though the reason I find this all so irritating is because, in a lot of ways, you're only as comfortable as your feet.  I think Lieutenant Dan knew this when he was lecturing Bubba and Forest about their socks.  He knew that, and that you're feet are pretty important during combat, BUT I'm sure he also wanted his guys to be comfortable as well.  Not saying that your feet completely dictate your mood, but let's be honest with ourselves, when your feet are cold...you're freezing.  When they're sweaty (gross) you're definitely uncomfortable.  I can deal with cold hands, face, or even arms.  But cold feet make me feel absolutely miserable.


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